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Photo Gallery

Secklow 100 Dragon Boat Trophies 2010

MK Cows made trophies for the Milton Keynes Secklow 100 Dragon Boat racing crew as they hosted there annual league competition this past weekend. (25 July 2010)
Willen Hospice - MK Midnight Moo Trophies

MK Cows made three special edition Mini Concrete Cow (pink) trophies for the second MK Midnight Moo sponsored walk. (17 July 2010)
Allianz Insurance Plc Quiz Night Prizes

Allianz Insurance Plc in Milton Keynes used some of the Mini Concrete Cows for prizes at a company quiz night. (October 2009)
Secklow 100 Dragon Boat Trophies 2009
Trophies for the Secklow 100 dragon boat races
Milton Keynes's, Secklow 100 dragon boat racing team had some Mini Concrete Cow trophies as the awards for their race day event. (September 2009)
MK Midnight Moo 2009
MK Midnight Moo, raising funds for Willen Hospice, Milton Keynes
In support of Milton Keynes Midnight Moo 2009 for Willen Hospice, a number of special edition Pink Mini Concrete Cows were made for the winners. (May 2009)
Red Nose Day 2009

In support of Comic Relief, a number of special edition Red Nose Day 2009 Mini Concrete Cows were made and sold to raise money for the cause. (March 2009)
Valentine Cow 2009

The first batch of 'small' Mini Concrete Cows were painted with a red heart on their backs and packaged in red velvet bags. (February 2009)
NEW Size 3 (Small) Cow

The long awaited 'small' Mini Concrete Cow was finally brought into production. (February 2009)
NEW MK Cows Mugs

Two designs of special edition Milton Keynes mugs were produced and made available via the website and the Discover Milton Keynes shop. (December 2008)
In the Pink

Special edition Pink Mini Concrete Cows were made (medium size) and sold as Christmas presents. (December 2008)
The Big Moo 2008

To join in with the Milton Keynes Fringe Festival of the Arts and Big Moo 2, a series of special edition Mini Concrete Cows were made, sold and won in a competition. (July 2008)
Easter 2008

As the size 2 Mini Concrete Cows went on sale a special cow was painted for the Easter publicity email. (April 2008)
NEW Size 2 (Medium) Cow

A medium size Mini Concrete Cow was perfected and packaging boxes were developed to enable them to be delivered in the post. (April 2008)
HRH Queen Elizabeth II

A picture taken on the day the Queen was presented with the first medium size Mini Concrete Cow. (November 2007)
MK Dons Stadium

One of the special 100 Year Scout Anniversary Edition Mini Concrete Cows at the MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes. (September 2007)
Scouts & Cows

Two of the scouts from The Saints Scout group in Bletchley with their special 100 Year Scout Anniversary Edition Mini Concrete Cows. (September 2007)
Horizon Radio - Jim

Jim from Milton Keynes' Horizon Radio holding the very first 100 Year Scout Anniversary Edition Mini Concrete Cow - number 001. (October 2007)
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